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Typical Day at Camp



Upon arrival at the camp check in with our staff. We'll confirm your surfers time and inform you of any last minute changes. When you're hungry or thirsty this iswhere you'll want to come as well. We have coolers of complimentary drinks, snacks and lunches ready for you and your family

When its time for you child to surf our volunteers will assist them in putting on coast guard approved lifes vests. This is a good time to let our volunteers know about any special interests your child has such as trains, spelling, star wars, etc. This helps our instructors build rapport.

Next our volunteers will walk your child into the ocean and over to their instructor. Postioning on the surfboard is very important. This will often take aminute or two.

(We ask that parents remain on the beach. The children respond better to our volunteers without a parent present. Don't worry Mom and Dad, most of our volunteers have a decade or more of ocean experience.)

Your child is surfing!!
To view more photos visit our photo gallery

Children who are comfortable in the ocean will be given one on one surfing lessons so that they can surf solo.

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