Camp Registration

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  • Registration now includes our liability waiver as part of the form process which means ONLY A PARENT/GUARDIAN WITH LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PARTICIPANT CAN REGISTER.
  • Consult with your spouse/partner and be sure that ONLY ONE PARENT is completing the registration process.
  • You may register for ONE CAMP LOCATION ONLY for the entire season. For example, if you registered your child(ren) for Virginia Beach and were not selected (placed on the wait-list) you CAN NOT register for Wrightsville Beach, Folly Beach, etc. Enforcing this rule ensures everyone has an equal chance to participate.
  • Ensuring the parent email and participants email fields are correct is extremely important. Parent's receive the confirmation email once successfully registered, but participants receive all notification and camp confirmation emails. To ensure accuracy, we suggest you copy and paste the parent email address into each participant field as required.
  • Carefully review your registration details before submitting. Inaccurate or incorrect participant information causes the liability waiver to be null and void which can cause your registration to be canceled.
  • To help us keep our records properly formatted, please turn off your keyboard's 'caps lock'. For example, please enter the parent or participants name as 'John Smith' and not 'JOHN SMITH'.