Last year we introduced the new lottery selection process for our camps, and although there were a small select few disappointed with the new system, overall it was a great success which saw over 1500 new, first-time participants finally have the opportunity to experience “one perfect day” with us.

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Sign-ups of the past

Dude, is there anything more frustrating than signing up (or trying to sign-up) for one of our camps?  You put the date on your calendar, you plan your day around it, but by the time you log on to the website the camp is full.  Kinda sucks, don’t it?  Sucks for us, too – we love all the angry phone calls and e-mails that come our way as a result… and that’s just from our local camp directors!

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Aired on October 3rd, 2015, Surfers Healing was featured on the CBS Dream Team series "Game Changers", a show that celebrates athletes and fans who give back to their communities making life better for so many. Hosted by "Inside Edition" Kevin Frazier, the series highlights professional athletes who use their public image to make positive changes in the lives of fans in need. Game Changers takes an inspirational look at how sports positively impact individuals and the communities they serve.

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