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Art, Video, and Pics from our campers

Please share your videos and pictures with us. Upload your videos to You Tube and we'll place a link for others to see it here. Please email a few photos of your day to amber@surfershealing.org and we'll put them on our site. If you child does a drawing or picture, poem etc from his day on the beach send it along for others to enjoy.

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Some Photos Here. - 2009

Here are pictures that were emailed to us.

Sent by Kim Covell

Belmar Camp-Sent by Wolf Family

Belmar Camp from Tony

From Our Friend Jerry in Wrightsville Beach

Caleb at Surfer's Healing VA Beach

David Cordell, VA Beach

Marianna Pollock, VA Beach

Glenda Fincannon

Evan Surfers Healing 2009

Brendan Palmer - Wrightsville Beach 2009

Duane Shiflet - Wrightsville Beach 2009

a lovely video from Jerry Schuller Jr.

Stacy Paul - Wrightsville Beach 2009


Dan Point 2009 Album from Kim Wilbur
2008 Montauk Pictures from Cari Beckerman

Montauk camp from Kim Covell

We were at Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina.  Thank you for such a wonderful day for my grandson.  I am sending you a few pictures.  A picture speaks a thousand words.  share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0AaNXLdkzbNmLXeg
Thank you, The West Family

This is a great slideshow that Woody's parents put together of his experience surfing at the July 23, 2008 camp.

Here are some great pictures from August 19 Wrightsville Beach Camp. These are courtesy of Chris McQuiston Local Sessions Surf Magazine. These are available for free download. Click here to view. Thanks Chris!!

Here are some photos from the McMillan family.

Here are some videos sent in by our campers

From Mercurio Part Of 3

From Kerrie Ferrara
YouTube - Paul surfing in Montauk with Surfers Healing

From Kim Covell

From FROM JASIR'S MOM - Melissa S. Abdullah-Musa


From Trendi Momma



From Elologan

From Xavier's Mom

From the Kramer family
Surf Camp 2007



From the Saldana family
part 2
part 3
part 4



My children and I just got back from Surf Camp on Wednesday and the smile still has not been wiped from our faces. Tommy and Lily both have Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism which has presented many challenges in their lives. It was a huge accomplishment on their part to make their ways into the water and trust the surf instructors. The volunteers were so calm and understanding. I had tears in my eyes watching my son who I was told once would probably only be happy at home wearing nothing but fleece head out into the ocean like one of the guys.  For my kids who usually feel like they are on the outside looking in, it was a huge boost to them to feel like they were one of the surfers.

This school  year they will return with a little extra spring in their step and personal confidence after having such  a positive experience!   I attached our video. (see above video clips Surf Camp 2007)

Thank you again for everything.

Christine, Tommy, and Lily Kramar


Hello Hello Izzy, Danielle, Jennifer and Keith

We are huge fans of Surfers Healing and began our involvement over 5 years ago with the whole crew.  We are incredibly blessed to have surfed, laughed and loved with these modern day heros.  Our son Christian still to this day speaks about good times at the beach with his buds.  Although we have drifted away from the beach events to allow others this great experience, we continue to attend benefits.  

Christian is now 11 years old and with the help of his team of advocates, teachers, and family is doing exceptionally well.  Clearly, all of our children are unique and blessed in their own way.  Christian has the ability to communicate his feelings through music and film.  You may agree that although his recent film has nothing to do with surfing it does have to do with healing - healing through  acceptance and  tolerance of ALL people.  

Izzy and Jennifer, you helped shape him and so many other kids - Enjoy and please share with your surfers healing community if you wish.  

Here is a link to Christian's 1st short documentary film on current.tv (much like "youtube") 


He also posted it on our family web site

With gratitude, The Oyen Family

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